Working with SCA

Students work on about 50 briefs during their 12-months in our studio, and many of these briefs are live.

When it comes to setting briefs, we give priority to our sponsoring agencies because they help to fund lots of scholarships. But we do sometimes accept live briefs from companies who want a bit of marketing magic.

Whenever we receive a live brief from outside of our sponsor network, we have to be able to answer three questions (in order of importance);

– What is the learning opportunity?

– Beyond the learning opportunity, what is the reward for the students?   (e.g.  clients typically reward winning students with beer, flights, money, etc.)

– What is in it for SCA? (e.g. how does it help us award more scholarships or improve the lives of our students in general?)

Please do not consider offering us a brief if you are not able to answer the second or third question.

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