Why Emojis are my bestest friends – By @MalouStitz

The Dean bigadminjobs | August 31, 2016

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Malou Stitz

By Malou Stitz


Why Emojis are my bestest friends

Yeeees! The best day of the year for me is when they (who are they? :p) release new emojis (except I don’t really like the new look of them on Facebook.:and where’s the champagne bottle??).
Anyway I LOVE using emojis. I’ve always use smileys. Even to people/situations where it’s not really considered appropriate. And ever since all these amazingly cool emojis were introduced, my life has been so much easier.
I can now express myself on a whole new level. I love it!!! ❤ And I use emojis… A LOT. People say to me, “Malou, when texting you it always takes so much longer, cause you make us feel like we have to reply with a lot of emojis too”. Isn’t that just fantastic?😀
Add a little sparkle, colour and emotions to a plain and simple platform….Oooooh yes! I’ve found books with flirtatious emoji language but…this is not what I’m talking about!
I just think that life can be mundane but with emojis, all of a sudden you can be at the circus drinking festive cocktails,  while looking at a farting elephant with your sunglasses on and making it rain or shine like a boss.
All this just by simply replying to your friend when she asks you to meet. A m a z I n g! Love it. Cheers