Why do you want to win a D&AD pencil? By @NicholasKugge

The Dean bigadminjobs | March 6, 2016

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Nicholas Kugge

By Nicholas Kugge


Why do you want to win a D&AD pencil?


It’s a question I didn’t really ask myself the last time I entered the competition. For about a month D&AD is in everybody’s mind at SCA, winning entries are played all day long and teams from previous intakes come to share their recipe to success adding to the change of atmosphere in the studio.

Hence, it’s easy to get sucked in this pencil hunt and forget why you’re doing it, what motivates you to put in countless hours of work and sacrifice.

Last year the day after the D&AD deadline was probably one of the worst I can remember. I felt worn out and empty after fighting for a pencil and not for what it could bring me.

Last Friday Marc reminded us that every brief is an opportunity, that the only goal is to get hired and that winning awards won’t necessarily lands us a job – but it can help.

I would add that if you are about to enter this fight think beyond getting a job at your top agency, because that’s still f*****g abstract. What will you get out of this job which is irresistible to you? Is it learning from the people you respect the most in the industry; make work which becomes part of culture; or just put an end to your student debt?

Now that you’ve got your carrot covered in glitter, you got ten days left to win your pencil.