Where is the energy? By @cutemagicalstar

Marc lewis | October 12, 2018

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By Rachel Ogbaretin


Where is the energy?


I always admire people who go out and do stuff outside of SCA, things such as pre-schools or making videos, I always get excited seeing other people’s outside work. Although I always ask myself how they still have the energy to do anything after an exhausting (in a good way) day of SCA. My brain hurts after some mentor use a meat tenderiser of knowledge on it. Not to mention going back home to the loud house which I call home, how do these guys stay up for so long? Maybe it’s because I’m an old soul living in a young woman’s body or because I’ve never been outside for longer than ten minutes and may have developed a vitamin D deficiency or maybe because my body denies me the sweet release of sleep before it’s 12:30 am. I don’t know, and I refuse to do exercise to fix it.


Where is the energy???


This lack of energy was has be really bugging me, this month in particular due to it being Inktober, a challenge where people draw an ink drawing everyday of October, it’s become a holiday in the world of social media, it’s great way to make content constantly and fun way to challenge yourself, I’ve done it for 3 years without much problems but now I struggling to get past week 1 (currently on day 8). I do have time set aside for these challenges but, when the time come I really don’t have energy to finish or even start them. I love drawing and illustration so sometimes I confuse myself when I can’t even pick up a pencil when I really want to.


It’s weird???


Perhaps I just need to slow down on one thing and not try to do everything at a fast pace and letting outside work stress me out so much. I still want to finish 31 ink drawings this month but perhaps I just gotta do a bunch on the weekends. I still feel it’s important to complete something personal after school plus it nice to getting off the computer to draw things. Perhaps I should go to draw meet up and have a group of professional illustrators shame me into drawing more, I don’t know but I gotta find the energy to do something other than SCA otherwise all my days will full of ads and I can’t afford Adblock.


What now then?


Perhaps I need to a small break from drawing to make me miss it. Maybe a podcast or two, a TED talk maybe? Maybe try and find some people from my intake to play D&D with me by convincing them that it’s a great way to become a child and come up with new ideas (which is true) , when really I just want to wear a big hat and scream “fireball” at people for fun. I may even go back and try and read a book with no pictures in them. I’m not sure yet but I do hope it gets me out of my tired slump I’m having recently. I need that energy to make myself seem cool to people and not some nerd who only sleeps in and watch Netflix for two days straight.