What our new intake did first

Marc lewis | September 10, 2018

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By Marc Lewis


What our new intake did first

Before they start school, we expect our students to start working.  But work doesn’t feel like work if it’s a passion.

That’s why we ask our students to work on a passion project during the summer before SCA – amongst other tasks.

I have posted nearly all of them on this page.  There were a few that needed to be password protected, so ask me to see them if you find your way into the studio and are curious.

I have chosen not to attach names to the videos below, so you have no idea of the gender, ethnicity, nationality or age of the creative person behind each project.

This is the most diverse intake ever to join SCA, and as you dive into their passion projects I hope you will agree that they are amongst the most exciting.

I look forward to starting work with them all on Tuesday 11th September, to introducing them to our community of 250+ agencies and 900+ mentors over the year, and to hosting their Portfolio Day in July 2019.

See you in school,