What Mentors Say

The students are great at asking for any help you can give them, so you feel as if there is a real purpose to your attendance. Also, the days are packed and you can’t help but leave feeling invigorated. Jacob Kirk, RAPP

Rewarding and fun for me, hopefully encouraging for students Russell Speed, TBWA

Really refreshing to spend time with talent that were so energetic, passionate and brave. Its the most inspired I have felt about our industry in a long time. I LOVED the the simple uncomplicated nature of the space and the sheer unrestricted bravery of the students. I learnt as much as I was able to impart. Dickon Laws. OgilvyOne

Inspiring and thought provoking to hear the creative ideas that the future admen were coming up with. Matt Kepple, Commission for Youth Social Enterprise

Ego-free, refreshingly open and honest people – lovely to work with! Jonathan MacDonald

The enthusiasm is great, I’ve gone twice and felt more energised both times… really refreshing. Vlad Ivanovic, Blue Barracuda

Truly inspiring, students have already come on a lot. Dave Bell, KK Outlet

From a personal perspective I was absolutely thrilled to see the school in action. My feeling leaving the day was how much I actually was able to put back and how much value i added. I was fascinated to see how enthusiastic all the students were and now that I have a better idea of the structure I will be able to throw myself in a bit more. Ned Gammell, Huddle

If only the college I attended was half as good as this. Stuart Blake,  DDA

I’ve taught elsewhere before and never had such an enthusiastic pupils. Phil Robertson, Pow Digital

It’s exciting to meet refreshing, young talent and know that there are actually ways that I can help. Syd Nadim, Clock

I love the openness of the students. The environment which Mark has created where creativity is treated as a commonplace expectation – and the boldness to create and stand up and tell your story is a ‘given’. I love that. I love the efforts of the students to develop ideas and work in supportive, collaborative teams. I love it that Mark and the the teachers tell the students its crap when it’s crap – and praise when it’s good. I love the honesty of that. Jennie Muskett,  Earthsong

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