What inspired you to get into advertising?

The Dean bigadminjobs | February 25, 2015

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By MOSH – The Intake of 2014/15

What was the ad that inspired you to get into advertising?


This ad was one of the first that really made an impact on me to nudge me into



httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngSUa3cwIw8 –


and also drink more beers…



Hamlet cigar – man in photo booth



Ended up here by coincidence



Can’t remember, probably a Volkswagen poster.



Seeing my first advert in the real world



Can’t remember. We always used to sing “The red car and the blue car had a race” in

the playground, so maybe the evil advertising seed was being planted in our young




Dairy Milk Gorilla – Fallon



Wieden & Kennedy advertising.


Tom E.B.:

The ad that actually inspired me to get into advertising wasn’t an ad. It was the

promise that I could write and draw all day instead of getting a real job. Then

obviously I saw – Think Small and started to dig deeper from there. The ad I identify

most with is probably the classic old spice one as me and that dude have many things

in common. We both take showers for one thing.



There’s a few I really really love, It’s difficult to say just one. One of my favourite

campaigns is the Harvey Nichols ‘Sorry I spent it on myself’. All of their advertising is

consistently so on point. I also love the Marmite Neglect campaign for it’s humorous

and satirical tone.






This french perrier ad that couldn’t get out of my head.



Tom M:

Hello ladies. Look at these words, now back to these ones. Now look at these words,

now back to these ones. Sadly, I can’t write as well as Eric Baldwin. But if I stop trying

to be original and copy his style, I could pretend that I can. Where am I? I’m in my

bed, thinking about why I can’t write funny copy like he can. Look down, what’s in

your hand? I don’t know, I’m not there. Look again, it’s probably not changed.

Anything is possible when you go to SCA, I’m still in my bed. Doodoo-doo-doo-doo-



Alex P:

httpv://youtu.be/sMmam5i03Vs circa 1986



Guinness Surfer Ad (with Horses) 1998.



Snickers, you’re not you when you’re hungry. The Australian construction workers




The ad that inspired you to get into advertising?

Kenco Coffee- script was genius. Two women indirectly talking about possession-

status. I wanted to write stuff like that.


Alex M:

The Three advert with the singing cherry. Made no sense when I was 8 years old,

makes even less sense now. Brilliant.



Nike – Tim Riley 1993

Michael Jordan 1 / Isaac Newton 0



Doing research for my dissertation at the advertising archives, it was a poster from

the inter-war period which was advertising women to join the workforce.



I don’t really do ads. My inspiration for a career in advertising was either the

stereotypical ‘Mad Men’ or perhaps the novel ‘Money’ by Martin Amis – both for all

the wrong reasons.



Nike. Eric Cantona. “Au revoir”.




The Cillit Bang ads. Pure gold.



Anything from early days BBH.

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