What Happened When I Didn’t Press Snooze, by @jcxh

The Dean bigadminjobs | February 24, 2015

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Jacqueline Hedge






By Jacqueline Hedge


This morning, for the first time, I didn’t leave the house at the precise calculated moment which would mean that if I walked to the station at a certain speed I would get there within 2 minutes of the train leaving.


For the first time, I didn’t give myself the minimum amount of time that it would take to get from bed to shower to door.


For the first time in a long time, I got up half an hour early, and left 15 minutes before I had to. I sidled down to the station, taking in and fully appreciating the fact that the sun had risen in the time that had passed between me waking up and that moment; it’s getting lighter earlier. I didn’t get embarrassingly overheated halfway to the station, and my breathing stayed normal.


I didn’t kick myself once I’d been on the train for a bit because I had actually had breakfast and wasn’t dying of thirst and hunger.


I contentedly sat and wrote, not feeling tired or spaced out. The need to wait 3 stops to settle into the journey had gone.


I got to school and the hour that I had before town hall did not fly by. We were busy today, but time never felt like it was disappearing at an alarming rate.

I got home at 8:45 today. I’m writing this a lot later than I care to admit. I should be tired right now, I only got a maximum of 4 hours sleep last night.


But I’m not, and I can’t help but think it’s because I treated today like a marathon instead of the usual sprint. I set the pace in my head when I decided to get out bed immediately, instead of relying on my ability to rush. The amount of headspace I’ve gained from that small half hour has given me everything that I need.


So, for a new half term resolution, I’m going to practice the discipline to do this every day and create a good habit.
Hopefully this will mean I’ll also write my SCABs earlier.

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