What a week ! By @JOurselin

Marc lewis | September 18, 2018

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By Jennifer Ourselin


What a week !

I did not expect that although I had prepared for a real change before to enter in this school. I was very surprised by the different activities Marc did. This obliged me from the beginning to get out of my little routine and although It has pertubed me at first, I found that very enriching!

The exercise on improvisation was a challenge because it was not easy with my level of English even if I was confident at first. I did not realize that it was going to be so tiring to be able to understand everything and translate a language that is not your mother tongue.
But I really liked because I found that the different games allowed us to know us better. It helped us to make concrets sentences while organizing our ideas to be better understood. Then, To stimulate also our brain to better observe our weaknesses dots and see how far we could go and therefore stimulate memory. For example, only 3 minutes to create names of cooking TV games that did not exist and succeed in selling them to another group or out of imaginary objects by going faster and faster. Even create a poem in few minutes !!
I also think that for the future it can be beneficial to know me more and to correct me during this semester. So to know several methods of work to be much more productive afterwards and I am very curious to see what Marc will reserve for us in the coming weeks.

Moreover last Thursday, Marc asked us to visit the ragged school museum and national portrait gallery. The ragged school museum was very interesting and captivating because we could put ourselves in their place. We would have really believed at that time with clothes and wooden tables. A little photo to show you that!

Whereas the National Portrait Museum it allowed me to dive into different periods. Moreover, I really loved to find myself in this museum, full of portrait because I am also passionate about photography. It has always fascinated me about what you can see in a portrait. Observe people’s expressions, analyze their attitude, as well as the colors, the light that can make any other meaning in a portrait. Moreover, It helps me a lot to inspire me to make my photos and videos much more meaningful. But what surprised me the most by visiting this exhibition is that It was actually painting they used and I confess that I felt stupid but surprised by their technique perfectly mastered.

Their technique was very precise especially in the details and the very smooth texture that it seemed real. One did not necessarily see a big difference with a photographic image.

However, I always asked myself why sometimes we have more inspiration and sometimes not.
Perhaps It can be a subject for a one of my next SCAB because It can be interesting to deal it. I think it’s also important to give opinions when something to impact you even if according to you it’s not really original. We must not be scared if you also feel that your SCAB is not so relevant because I am also the first to think. But I think the most important thing is to be able to practice writing to you on a topic that could fascinate you to be more comfortable during your reflection.

We don’t have rule to to express what we think.