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Marc lewis | November 29, 2018

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By Jennifer Ourselin


Tired at work ?

We all know how to recognise the first symptoms when we do not feel very well.

Fatigue when you wake up, difficulty concentrating, lack of perspective on problems, etc. it’s a lot of fun. 

And you can punish yourself for the sake of efficiency in the workplace but some of us tend like me to exceed the limits of reason. Because yes, even when exhausted, some people just want to do more and more. Always more. They do not pay attention to fatigue signals. They do not listen, they do not ask for help, and continue to want to function on all levels, usually to a fairly impressive degree!

I still I try to force myself to rest because without energy, I would not be effective, but I feel guilty when I have a job because usually I am organized enough to avoid overflow at the last moment.

In addition, the past two weeks were quite intense and exciting in terms of adrenaline but today I have definitely suffered from an accumulation of my fatigue thanks to fresh briefs. I feel that my ideas come with more difficulty and that’s why I try to find anti-fatigue strategies.

By the way, I found what Marc said during a masterclass is totally true about the fact that the killer ideas happen in the shower, in gym, when you walk in the air with some music …

I force myself as soon as I get some  slack to give myself breaks by giving me goals to reboost me. That’s why, I think you have to take the time to take breaks to release the pressure because unconsciously you think about it and the idea comes little by little because you feel much less pressure. And then you are much more effective when you get back into it.

So. My magic Spotify  playlist – Jackson 5, Earth, Wind and Fire from September, Rock your body from Justin Timberlake, Level up From Ciara, Copines from Aya Nakamura …. It’s just the sort of energy I need right now. 

Listening to music I feel that it gives me confidence for the rest of my work because I find that the music generates a positive effect on myself that allows me to be insightful in the work. I have this kind of impression I suppose, of being much more productive. It soothes our anxieties, promotes concentration, stimulates memory and facilitates my learning of language.

It looks stupid like that but you need to start accepting that your fatigue, the one you endure in the long run and almost without flinching, is not inevitable! Fatigue must remain a transient state. Yes, it is possible for you to overcome it and “make it the skin you live in ».

Above all, do not give up right away and start to see the possibility for you to find sustainable energy. Try. Imagine, now, that it is more and more a reality. A possibility.

Take 5 minutes and imagine, closing your eyes, what would your daily life look like if you felt less tired. You would feel more smiling? More gay? How would you be different? Would things seem easier? What could you do that you do not do / more today?

So, I suppose I am saying, just listen when your fatigue calls out. It must be said,  it is a little “a warning signal ». A little signal with big consequences.