This SCAB is 50% Unfunny – By @AlexTaylorHello

Marc lewis | October 19, 2018

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By  Alexander Taylor


This SCAB is 50% Unfunny


Some words are funny. Some words are not.


Yes, sort of. But there’s more to it. You see, some words are inherently funny, like juggling or hippopotamus. Some words aren’t, like ooze or owl. Or most things beginning with an o, except octopus, because that shit’s hilarious.


I want to disprove the idea of funny words. To do this, I’ve found the funny and made it unfunny. I want to show that context matters.


Is it relevant to advertising?


Probably. I dunno. Fight me, I sit top left of the stage and when I’m not reading the guardian or downing a HUEL, I’m defo up for a scrap.


Let’s begin.


Fish salad is funny. Cucumber salad is not.

Cucumber slap is funny. Boxing slap is not.

Boxing cocks is funny. Fighting cocks is not.

Fighting forks is funny. Imposing forks is not.

Imposing bulge is funny. Battle-of-the bulge is not.

Battle-of-the grandmas is funny. Old grandmas is not.

Old prostitutes is funny. Sad prostitutes is not.

Sad breakfast is funny. Sausage-y breakfast is not.

Sausage-y personality is funny. Jazzed personality is not.

Jazzed sock is funny. Used sock is not.

Used johnny is funny. Republican johnny is not.

Republican rapper is funny. Gangster rapper is not.

Gangster tofu is funny. Fermented tofu is not.

Fermented dog is funny. Attack dog is not.

Attack melon is funny. Wide melon is not.

Wide genitals is funny. My genitals are not.



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