THINGS TO DO BEFORE 2019 @ritarriera

jessica gough jessicagough | January 23, 2018

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By Rita Riera Pastallé

Today I remembered that years ago I did a list of things I wanted to do before I died. I probably lost that paper the very same day and I don’t remember about anything I wrote there, but today I thought it could be a good idea to do write the ‘grown-up’ version of that: A To do list that has to be done before 2019 and that for now, looks like this:

Find a job I love
Read at least 12 books
Get used to ironing my clothes
Get my cat to not scratch the carpet
Call a friend from home at least once a week
Eat more vegetables
Eat less shit
Find a way to meditate that works for me
Become the queen of photoshop
Compose at least 5 songs
Stop tweeting airlines about their planes issues
Learn how to cook a Sunday Roast
Visit at least 3 places in the UK that I’ve never been before
Travel to 2 new countries
Get used to doing my nails before they look like shit
Use more moisturising gel
Apologise a bit more
Get better at my English accent so people stop impersonating me Win some chips
Win some more
Get a mentor to congratulate me
Outrage a mentor
Start making lists
Stop thinking too much about the future
Be less hard on myself for my mistakes
Hug more
Be more tidy
Do laundry before I run out of underwear
Buy more underwear
Perform on an open mic night
Watch old movies
Learn about cryptocurrency
Invest in a cryptocurrency
Do a list of at least 100 new business ideas
Clean the oven
Learn how to impersonate 4 English accents
Write about things I don’t want to forget
Embrace nostalgia a bit more
Search less flights to get away but to come back
Create new friendships
Teach my cat something stupid
Order less from Deliveroo
Try to cross everything off this list by the end of the year.