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jessica gough jessicagough | November 12, 2017

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By Josh Chalmers

t w o


When we look up,

Do we see the same things?

One eye shut,

Uncertainty clings.


Both eyes now,

We are plunged into darkness,

Wondering how

We can keep going like this.


Is there only one path

We have to choose from?

If so does it matter,

If one day we’re all gone?


A single track means

Nothings our own,

I can see how people,

Feel so alone.


Perhaps it is dangerous

To open both eyes,

Then take in society,

Built up on lies.


I get now why adults,

Said when I was small,

Don’t rush to grow up,

The world is so cruel.


I’m not sure I believe,

That knowledge is power.

The more I learn,

The more issues tower.


A remedy perhaps,

For this bitter taste,

We all open both eyes,

And take in the disgrace.