Swaps – By @shein_dean

Marc lewis | September 11, 2018

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By Dean Shein




I swapped Vegemite for Marmite.


I swapped the shimmering town on the bay for the smoggy big city.

I swapped Pavlova for Fish and chips.


I swapped Sydney F.C. for Tottenham Hotspur.

I swapped ‘Victoria Bitter’ for ‘McEwan’s Lager.’  

I swapped ‘Waltzing Matilda’ for ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’… Fuck off! I’d never do that.


I swapped ‘G’day Mate’ for ‘Evening Chap’.


I swapped a shiny Ford Falcon for a British racing green Jag.


I swapped Albrecht La’Brooy for Aphex Twin.

I swapped ‘The Castle’ for ‘This is England’.


I swapped the SCG for Lord’s.

I swapped Longbeach for Benson & Hedges. 

I swapped Smiths cheese & onion for Walkers cheddar and onion.


I swapped Vaucluse for Brixton.

I swapped Nando’s for Nando’s.

I swapped Sorry for Thank you. 

I swapped all night raves for all day runs.

I swapped CD for Vinyl.

I swapped Adelaide Hills for Denbies.

I swapped the Blue Mountains for Dorking.

I swapped New Age for New Wave.


I swapped a Dingo for an Airedale Terrier.

I swapped Yothu Yindu for David Bowie.

I swapped Blundstones for Clarks.

I swapped long hair for short hair.


I swapped ordinary for extraordinary. 

I swapped Quicksilver for Lonsdale.

I swapped my Akubra for a Top Hat. 

I swapped Round the Twist for Mr. Bean.

I swapped walking for running.

I swapped Freda’s for Corsica Studios.

I swapped Soap Opera for Bath Time.

I swapped Midnight Oil for The Rolling Stones.


I swapped Darrell Lea for Cadbury. 

I swapped Dollarydoos for Quid.

I swapped Garage Rock for UK Garage.

I Swapped sunny Weather for Stormzy.


I swapped Taxis for Black Cabs. 

I swapped Fitzwilliam for Shoreditch.

I swapped Sunday blues for Sunday roasts. 


I swapped Surry Hills for Surrey Hills.


I swapped Scott Morrison for Theresa May.

I swapped Tennis for Paddle Tennis.

I swapped a Veranda for a Chesterfield. 

I swapped the Bee Gees for Crazy Penis.

I swapped Archie Rose for Foxdenton.

I swapped Coffee for ‘Hot Chocolate’.

I swapped Woolloomooloo for Waterloo.


I swapped Rye Bead for Rye Wax.

I swapped the Harbour Bridge for Big Ben.


I swapped a story with a friend.

I swapped the word swapped with trade.

I traded it back to Swapped. 

I swapped the floor. (Sweep & Mop, simultaneously.) 


I swap, therefore I am.

Burl Ives swapped a song.


I swapped the purpose of this SCAB.

I swapped one salt and vinegar chip for one barbecue flavoured chip, in year 3 at primary school.

I swapped Johnny Rockets for Johnny Rotten.


I swapped stagnation for growth.


I swapped pandemonium for organised chaos. 

I swapped moron for oxymoron.


I swapped ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ cards as a kid… Dark Magician was my favourite. Who was yours? 

I Swapped door 1 for door 2… and it made all the difference. 

I swapped stoned for runners high. 

I swapped my entire situation, on a whim.

I swapped no for yes. 

I swapped yes for no. 

Robert Johnson swapped his soul with the Devil in exchange for the musical talents he acquired.  I am at a crossroads…