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Nuria Ramos

By Nuria Ramos



We start this week to practice some meditation and I would like to share one of this healthy routine. I come from Spain and there we practice the most famous one. You need to be relaxed, lying on a sofa or somewhere where you feel comfortable. Take a deep breath and relax. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Don’t think about anything else than inhale and exhale. In less than 5 minutes you’ll fall in a dream so it’s important to have an alarm set up of exactly 20’ minutes.

Dream, digest and enjoy that moment you only have 20 minutes… If you do more you’ll feel tired and it won’t work properly so it’s very important to be strict with the timing. When you finish you will feel as 8 in the morning, full of energy and rested. This habit will benefit your mental health and your body balance. It’s a very very old tradition that we still practice every day.

I hope that you encourage yourself to discover the siesta time! 🙂

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