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jessica gough jessicagough | September 23, 2017

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SCA, three simple letters, but WOW, it has a huge impact. I did not think that that three letter could affect me so much within a short time.

Last Tuesday, what a day! Discovering Marc, the school, Squirrel, new (future friends) people… What an atmosphere. Quite frightening though. As I am from Sup de Pub, we have only one term, but damn I wished we have more!

The feeling that I did get after that first day is that I will discover a new me and that Hard works beat talents!

Second day: new mentors, new courses GOD did not think that was possible, but at SCA I think everything is possible. For example, during the poetry class with Deanna, I like writing (when I know that no one is watching mainly) Met Luc during the improvisation class – WOW- looks natural but is not! But I learned to say Yes and, and not No but…

Then the third “atelier” was meditation. Get scored of 0 birds, still, need to work on that.

Third day: visiting agencies! How great this was! We did visit Gravity Road and M&C Saatchi PR! They were amazing!!! Can’t wait to visit more tomorrow.

I was impressed by Gravity road, in only six years what they have achieved. And M&C Saatchi PR, I was amazed by how they worked for example for the House of Perroni.

Day five was creation day, with Mr. Biscuit and t-shirt doing. I did not expect to take so long to paint on a mug and do a t-shirt, but all our we had was even not enough.

But we also had a master class with the brand statement, and we met Vikki Ross. She did say something that caught me: Just do it, regret it after. I did love the sentence and will apply it. I prefer to regret something for doing it, then not doing it.

That was quite a week, to be honest. My mind went a little bit up and down, but I have seen the opportunity that I have to be here, and I am ready to kick my ass to do it. As Marc says, Hard works beat talents. So, if I work more than I never did, I know this will be possible.

Monday, Day 5 was quite intense as well. New mentors, new brief, discovering the world of scamp… and time management – which is going to be super useful this year I’m sure – That was a rough day. We did learn new creative techniques. I thought this would be easy but for sure, it is not. It is quite challenging, and need to work on it. But I have learned to limit your time. We are more creative during a short time than a long one, I was quite overthinking at the start, and then it was easier and easier, so for now, I know that I have to warm up a little bit. I also need not be afraid of what I am thinking. I have to write all my idea, rather than blocking my mind.

Scamping, communicate our thoughts to everyone. Still, need to practice on drawing, but it was unbelievable.