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Marc lewis | May 24, 2018

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By Daniel Kelly


SCA Membership


SCA membership is difficult. It can be tumultuous and taxing. It’s hard to find a balance, peril tends to find you, more than you, it.

The rate at which you’re expected to learn is rapid. You might find yourself up the creek without a paddle. The teachers keep you afloat, but ultimately you’re responsible for your own survival.

Thankfully, there’s always experts on hand to keep you afloat. You’re responsible for your own direction. Whenever you’re at A you have to keep your eyes on B. It can be easy sometimes to think you’re going to fall off. You might lose momentum or find yourself in an area you didn’t quite expect.

It takes a specific kind of mind, a certain drive and courageous heart to get you to where you want to be.

Sure, you can be creative in your route. But creativity only gets you so far. More often than not, you need to rely on your own instinct. Your own drive and your own innate knowledge of your chosen direction. Grit is required here.



SCA makes you grow as a person. It builds you up until you’re a different, A better person. A conquerer of nature and herald of your better self. It requires wild eyes and a keen sensitivity to the way the wind is blowing. You need to surf, not to drift. To be the master of your own dominion. It’s a place that carves you. If somewhere you lose yourself in the in the unrelenting whitewater tide, you have nothing to blame but your own feckless inadequacy. You’ll find you were simply not up to the challenge, that your commute is one of busses and bicycles, not of soaring on the surfaces of superior forces.

Scottish Canoe Association starts from just 17 pounds. They are a membership organisation with over 3,000 Individual Members, 2,800 Affiliated Club Members, 80 Affiliated Clubs and 16 Approved Paddlesport Providers. There is a full calendar of SCA events throughout the year across the range of different disciplines. Why not join today?

They welcome affiliation applications from clubs whether newly forming or long established.

The SCA vision underpins everything they do. Their work is vast and ranges from supporting individual, coach & club development, to organising paddling events, to advising and working

with other organisations including sportscotland on high level governance and developing the future of the sport.

I can safely say, I didn’t know who I was until I joined SCA.