SCA Advertising Student Benefits

benefisBenefits of Being an SCA Advertising Student

Because our school is supported by so many agencies, we regularly get offered tickets to events.  It is unusual for a week to go by without an incredible talk, an awards party or a gallery opening that our students are invited to attend.

Networking is a big part of SCA life.   We encourage students to visit mentors at their agencies as often as possible.  Most London agencies are less than twenty minutes away from our studio.

London is the greatest city in the world and SCA is right in the centre.  We spend a lot of our time enjoying culture, soaking it up like a sponge.  Our course teaches how important this is for the creative process.

Our school is tiny – less than forty students in total.  We quickly become one big family, going to events together and then reflecting together over a pint.

hoursWorking Hours

We work very long hours at School of Communication Arts.  We do so because we need to condense three years of learning content into 18 months, and because we strive to simulate behaviours of the real-world working environment.  On average, our students work a 50 hour week.  But if you truly enjoy what you do, it shouldn’t feel like work!

We expect our students to arrive in the studio at 9 am every day, Monday to Friday.  Formal learning is usually delivered in the morning and attendance is compulsory.  When classes have finished, students are free to work on their briefs in the studio, down the pub, in art galleries, the park, or wherever takes their fancy.

Most of our guest mentors arrive at the studio just as we are finishing class (usually about 11 am) and stick around until about 6 PM.   We trust our students to decide when they want to be in the studio to work with mentors, and when they would be better off working on their briefs outside of the studio.


brixtonBrixton Life

We are proudly from Brixton and our school occupies a landmark building in the heart of one of London’s most vibrant communities.  Our studio was once a famous nightclub, where many of our mentors once danced their nights away.

Brixton Village is a few minutes walk away from the school, and home to about twenty incredible independent restaurants.  You will put on weight as an SCA student.

Brixton is famous for great pubs, bars and music venues.  Students and Mentors tend to get together every Friday night at The Market House.  We throw a big party every year on the roof terrace of the Prince of Wales.


livingLiving Nearby

There is plenty of student accommodation nearby.  We don’t provide our own accommodation, but our team are there to help you.

Some students ask to flat share with other students.  Again, our team are happy to introduce you to your future classmates to help plan your living arrangements.

A few students travel from outside of London each day.  Brixton is very well served by trains, tube and bus routes.

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