Say one thing nice and something bad about your partner.

The Dean bigadminjobs | January 29, 2016

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By COUP – The Intake of 2015/16

Say one thing nice and something bad about your partner.

Nicky Noodle
Good: He’s generous with his hobnobs
Bad: He’s half empty
Good: He is a bilingual copywriter
Bad:  He first language is welsh
Good: she bakes a lot
Bad: she can’t dance but is embarrassingly enthusiastic on the dance floor..
Owen –
Good: Doesn’t stop talking
Bad: Doesn’t stop talking
Good: Has an endless supply of naked tinder pics (not of himself)
Bad: Struggles in a big crowd
Nunu –
Good: Muy caliente!
Bad: She doesn’t eat enough pasta.
Good: (still thinking )
Bad: he eats pasta everyday
Matt K
Good: Weird imagination and good looks
Bad: Flatulence
Good: she’s got wiki wiki skills skillz
Bad: she’s the cool one
Good: she’s always super happy and lifts a room
Bad: she’s the cute one
Fat Seb.
Bad: I’ve never known a man to eat so much.
Good: Great cuddles
Good: Loves Kanye as much as I do
Bad: He is from Essex.
Good: Dress sense
Bad: Makes me look bad in comparison
Good: knows a number of French women across the city
Bad: at times completely inaudible
Rhiannon –
Good: Her grandma gives the best advice.
Bad: She isn’t my grandma.
Good: Is a perfectionist when it comes to craft
Bad: Easily distracted by lego
Orla O’Connor
Good: she’s as horrible as I am
Bad: she’s as horrible as I am
Chloe Cordon
Good: because she likes to eat cookies with me.
Bad: because she lets me eat cookies.
Good: Full of energy!
Bad: Likes Frozen
good: his mum has a tortoise army
bad: he’s the sexy one
Good: lots of imagination.
Bad: probably a drug addict.
good – he’s a smoker
bad – he’s an Arsenal fan
Good: he’s always calm and doesn’t let stress get to him
Bad: he doesn’t get my morbid side