Sam (River) Markham Does What He Loves To Do – By @13samuels

The Dean bigadminjobs | May 1, 2016

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Sam Markham

By Sam Markham


I changed my name and got on with it.
I am a master procrastinator, I am a control freak…not great things to get the best of you.
I found time to record a few songs this week. I had been chronically over thinking it, I need this and that, the stars to be there, the wind blowing that way. I eventually saw through my fear and just told my self all you need to do is sit down in front of a mic and play, the rest is between you and your maker. So I sat and played. Its imperfect, raw, its of that moment in time. It felt good to play again, if i was to do it again there would be more whooping and a hollerin’ but it’s a start. Here’s to doing what you love!