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Sokaina Aliouate

By Sokaina Aliouate


Hi Old me, it’s me, Future me. Old me: Oh, Hi future me.. Future me: what’s up?
Old me: you tell me.

Future me: I can’t really. Old me: why?

Future me: because everything is happening now, the past, the present and the future, they are all the same.

Old me: what do you mean?
Present me: what’s up guys?
Future me: the future is now.
Old me: you are absolutely blowing my mind right now… Future me: mhm.

Old me: you are awesome. your mind is so brilliant. Please share some more of your wisdom please??

Present me: I think I missed something…
Future me: mhm.
Old me: Yeah?
Future me: oh, yeah. what I just explained is a apogtherm known as ’future in reverse’ old me: yeah, yeah?

Future me: that means that you have to act now in order to achieve whatever you want to achieve in the future!

Present me: I don’t get it. Old me: wow!
Future me: mhm.

* A lost excerpt from Ranjeet’s exquisite short film raising awareness around the effect self-driving cars will have on humanity, sometime in the near future.

All credit goes to Ranj. Thank you Ranj for making this happen! Ranj this one is for you mate!