Progress Report – By @TarunChandy

Marc lewis | January 18, 2019

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By Tarun Chandy


Progress Report – @TarunChandy


It’s Thursday, and it just dawned on me that it’s about the perfect time for a mid brief progress report. You see, when you write a SCAB on the weekend and you attempt to recount past events, you’re only remembering part of the picture. The problem is that you’ve mentally ended the week already. So, thanks to biology, you should’ve forgotten about most of the chaos you’ve just endured, being that your brain is hardwired to repress that shit. All that remains on and after Friday evening is a feeling of contentment, exhaustion, a few key lessons, and a growing annoyance with your own sobriety. But right now, I’m still in the eye of the shitstorm, and it’s time to embark on a quest into the savage heart of the creative process. Wow, that got really douchey really fast. The truth is, I’m just going to bitch about the last few days as eloquently as possible. Enjoy the ride!


So, I woke up on Monday morning feeling rather annoyed with the weekend I’d had and determined to have a positive and productive week that would make me feel better about myself. I started by deleting all the dating apps off my phone and declaring that I’d be going back to the gym that evening, for the first time this semester. But by the time I got out of my shower, I was late for class, hadn’t made lunch yet and couldn’t find my gym shoes. So I figured that could wait till Tuesday evening. I then got to class and spent the day messing about with initial propositions with my partners. Sure, we were meant to do this last Friday, but we figured we’d have better ideas over the week end and didn’t. So, we had some talks with mentors, and settled on something vague, knowing we had four more days to rectify it.


The next day, I again couldn’t find my gym shoes and began to wonder if I left them in India. The group and I solidified more on a proposition and we all seemed happy with it. I went home feeling proud of us and certain we were on the right track, but kind of resenting the brief because none of us felt excited by the concept we had, but couldn’t think of anything better. The next morning, after a particularly inspiring video at town hall, we resolved that we could do better after all and spent the day rethinking our proposition entirely. But this time, I was proud of what we had. I didn’t go to the gym again, but I did go to McDonalds to redeem two coupons, that as it turned out had some significant small print thatI must’ve missed. It did save me a lot of cooking though.


Then there was today. We had a fabulous masterclass that I’m sure I’ll never forget, as promised. Then our group again came to the understanding that our proposition was still not working, only this time it was a day from deadline and we really started to shit ourselves. We wrote some more, disagreed on them, finally made up our minds, and began crafting with the few remaining hours. Then, I put all my panic and anxiety on hold so I could go to comedy school and tell everyone about the time I stumbled into a gay bar in college. And now, I’m home and hoping my Art Director has things under control because it’s really just too late now. So tomorrow I’ll wake up, do my best at a reflection slide, pretend to look for my gym shoes, and go to class, where we will throw together a video in total stress and chaos until the moment the clock chimes 2:30. And then, after a peaceful evening, we’ll head down to the pub and I’ll redownload all my dating apps and prepare for a fun week end. Just another brief at SCA and I am still having the time of my life.