Our Manifesto – By @coupSCA

The Dean bigadminjobs | October 2, 2015

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COUP – Our Manifesto.
As the 2015 intake has now been christened with a name, we thought it was apt to write a set of principles for us to live by for the following year.  
The following is based on our learnings up to this point, so be sure that this evolve over time.
  • We will be true to ourselves.
  • We will not give up…ever!
  • We will question everything.
  • We will present like Oscar winners.
  • We will revolt with respect.
  • We will show tenacity, initiative, and respect.
  • We won’t die. We’ll sell.
  • We don’t forget.
  • It’s better to regret what we do rather than what we don’t.
  • Don’t think, just do.
  • Make stuff.
  • Potatoes, Potatoes, Potatoes.