Numbers, by @beccimai27

The Dean bigadminjobs | August 26, 2015

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Becci Ford

By Becci Mai Ford





Currently it seems like my life revolves around numbers which is odd seeing as numbers aren’t typically “my strong point”:


28 hours flying

4 weeks since I landed back in the UK


1 new flat

7 boxes of crap left to unpack…


2 weeks until the bin men come…why is there so much rubbish everywhere?!


10 triangles of bunting


2 friends getting married


14 sleeps till term starts


6 books left to read on the course list


1 railcard lost


1 passion project still not finished


6 days spent in venice


4 bottles of wine consumed

1 railcard found

14 sleepless nights until term starts


2 plastic bowls melted


1 video still to work on


5 friends I need to catch up with


1 fish and chip shop called Nemo’s


37 (approximately!) things on my mental to do list


14 sleepless nights until term starts.


30 new faces


1 feeling of excitement


1 feeling of fear


1 feeling of dread



3 years I’ve been waiting to do this.