New pleasures before the end of the year. By @JOurselin

Marc lewis | December 31, 2018

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By Jennifer Ourselin


New pleasures before the end of the year.

We are coming to a New Year’s Day!

And like every year, we all perform this little ritual that is to make a resolution at the beginning of the year. Play sports, eat healthier, spend more time with yourself, your family and friends, organise your work more efficiently, go to bed earlier, sometimes just to try to keep your resolutions. In short, each end of the year, we say that it would be wise to change our way of life. It is that “fresh start” effect that inspires us to set new goals. It is a date that gives us the feeling of wanting to move on in order to become a better person for the new year.

It is a date that provides us with the opportunity to change our trajectories. To get off to a good start in the new year.

Today, I am satisfied with my year which was rich in emotions, full of revelations and rebounds. I still remember the objectives that I had given myself at the beginning of the year and I have more or less had the chance to achieve most of them. But following Marc’s email, it is true that we often ignore the little important things we thought we had done because we do not think it matters to our own interests.

But this week, sharing family moments, I was able to explore new pleasures. A great fan of cinema, I always had reservations about French cinema compared to Japanese cinema, American or others who know how to reinvent themselves and bring something new to this universe. From a personal point of view, I find that the French cinema, except the classic films, is not diversified enough, that we often find the same actors. It is enough to watch a ceremony of the Caesars to understand the true nature of the problem. Without fail, we see the same figures from our seventh art, the same kind of staging because of certain restrictions in French cinema. It has become boring and repetitive.

But I realise that basically French films are not necessarily bad in themselves. It just remains a huge challenge to produce anything in the industry. Just think of directors like Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Godard, Michel Hazanavicius or Luc Besson, from contemporary cinema to see that there are authors ready to revive the French cinema. If we look at it, our French cinema is dying because of the lack of confidence on the part of the producers, the rules and limits of the scenarios via the CNC and especially a lack of investment. But if we get behind the right people, there is always hope.

More and more, our French directors often go abroad to shoot or produce their film as Luc Besson or Jean-Pierre Jeunet who feels obliged to go to Warner to produce a film. Michel Gondry who will shoot The We and the I, shot in New York or Guillaume Canet, a young French director who has also directed in New York Blood Ties, an English-language thriller with an international cast and among many others …

But today, Michel Hazanavicius, known for his film The Artist in 2011, is my heart-stroke of the moment as a French director. He changed my whole point of view with his last film Le redoutable. He and Olivier Nakache, who made Intouchables a few years ago, have helped me regain my taste for French cinema.

So, this year, I hope to see French films winning Oscars or at least getting prizes at the Cannes Film Festival, such as Robin Campillo’s 120 beats per minute, which was a hit in 2017. My wish is to see French cinema bloom again. To see the greatest cultural diversity and to animate this world as rich and exciting as the seventh art.

Happy New Year & see you in 2019 !