Meet Antonio Castellano

Marc lewis | August 14, 2018

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By Antonio Castellano



I’m not good at writing and nether at reading. I am one of that new generation guy who has concentration disorder, changing focus easily and looking for hype around him all the time.This is just to say that I can hardly read completely a SCAB (it allows you even more to stop reading this right now) and write one.

All the SCA students I met from the last year told me that the course is like hell, super hard and you basically need to delete all your hobbies and free time for the school, and yes, I believe it’s true. But I also believe that these SCABs, for me, will be a part of that commitment. It is just I don’t like writing. Anyway let’s try to make this as less boring for you to read as possible.

Let’s talk about me.

As you can easily figure it out, I am not a copywriter. I am an art director, 23, from Rome. I studied Industrial Design and I find out that my real passion is advertising. I worked in an Ad agency than I moved to London to study English to be ready to face SCA. I come back in Rome to work as model to save some money. I also returned in Italy to try to focus and win one of the scholarships but I wasn’t able to. Anyway I come to the school not feeling the best advertiser at all, probably I’ll be the worst one (congrats to the 8 guys who passed the first selection of the scholarship, your works were great, really!). I just want to learn as much as possible from the course so to be able to have a proper job with a decent salary to live a quite life doing what I love: surprising people.

I know I haven’t advertised myself so well, but that it’s me (what a lazy and pop song overused term…) and lying seams quite useless.

I could (Marc, please don’t!) spend all the week writing about myself but, of course, the best way to know me is by meeting. I am a readable person (Can I say it like that? It’s not like I have hundreds sentences inked on my skin, but you can easily understand my feeling and probably some of my thoughts from outside).

Talking about job, I made the Belbin test and it came out I’m a plant. Yes guys, I plant. I was in the Ad agency when Marc told me that. And I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that my leg hair was my roots. I always thought that my love for the sunlight (I’ll miss it in London </3) was cause of my italian blood. But… it was just because I’m a plant.

[Tends to be highly creative and good at solving problems in unconventional ways.

Strengths: Creative, imaginative, free-thinking, generates ideas and solves difficult problems.

Allowable weaknesses: Might ignore incidentals, and may be too preoccupied to communicate effectively.

Don’t be surprised to find that: They could be absent-minded or forgetful]