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jessica gough jessicagough | November 16, 2017

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By Dalva Carlier

We often hear who important it is to act as a professional at work. If you ever wish to obtain

a better placement or be taken seriously or considered as a tool by your boss ou your team

workers it is essential to do things in the most professional, why as possible.

But what do we really mean about professionalism or what are employers really looking for an

employee? Is it enough to do well your job and always arrive on time? Are there other things

that we expect from a “professional”?

First important rule: Try not to lack professionalism

Manual about the perfect professional.

It is possible that your employer does not clearly express his or her thoughts on what he

hears by « professionalism ». But by experience, we all know what to do be told that we have

just lacked professionalism. Finish a project late, not being enough prepared for a meeting

presentation losing time by telling nonsense to your colleagues in front of the café machine.

Other ways of being labeled as a nonprofessional would be to lack respect towards

colleagues or worse clients. Making them unnecessary wait, steal colleagues ideas, to say

something and to the exact opposite, to never keep your promises.

Here are 10 ways to be the good professional that you are.

Therefore, the professional individual refers itself to some common qualities, amongst them :

3. Honesty. You always say the truth no matter what.
4. Integrity. You have the reputation to always follow your principles. 5. Respect for others. Treat people as if they really count.

First of all, to act as a professional signifies to do really everything in order to have people

detect you as someone reliable, respectful and competent. Depending on your workplace

and functions, this attitude caught take diverse forms.

1. Skills and expertise. You excel in what you do and have the abilities and knowledge that

allows you to do good work.

2. Trustability. People can count on you, whether it is to arrive on time or handling work on


6. Stay mentally fit, rather than letting your competences and knowledge consume

themselves, always find ways to stay tuned.

7. Positivity. Nobody likes pessimist people. Always wear a positive attitude and always try

to resolve problems.

8. Support towards others. Share the scenery with your colleagues, take the time to show

them how to do things the

right way and always have a gentle ear to listen to them if in need.

9. Accent on your work. Do not let your personal life influence you or your decisions at work. Do not pass too much of your time doing personal things at work.

Advantages of being a good professional :

10. Active listening. People want to be heard, so give them the chance to express their ideas

when needed.

The more you put into practice these 10 elements, the better your chances are of building an

excellent reputation.

At the end of the day, you might see your salary increase and get promotion, the possibility of

being more often assigned to projects you like, less risk of being dismissed in case of

rationalization and respect for your colleagues and senior managers.

You also feel increased self-esteem and dignity. Not to mention that you improve your career

prospects. In short, these are all very good reasons to display as much as possible a

professional attitude.

Philosophy instinct: Why is work essential for men?

1. Work, a necessity for men.

Work is an intrinsic part of life. But what is its real importance? What does it bring? How

should the work be considered?

Work is indispensable to men. It allows him to survive and ensure his comfort. It also

demonstrates respect for others and for oneself. Everyone must do a job with love that suits

him or her. But, why is work a necessity?

To work is to act to ensure one’s survival and comfort in material and intellectual terms.

Comfort requires more work than survival, but it is more satisfying. Ensuring one’s material

survival means being able to eat, dress, shelter and heal. To assure one’s material comfort

is to be able to choose and improve one’s material living conditions. Ensuring one’s intellectual

needs is learning to speak, read, write and count. But it is also cultivating, distracting,

reasoning, etc.

Men cannot subsist without working. Indeed, nature cannot give man everything he needs.

True, nature offers resources. But you still have to do some work to get them and transform

them. Food does not come alone in the mouth, and clothes are not all made in nature. Work

is therefore essential to everyone’s life, regardless of their standard of living.

Every man has the duty to work. Charity, which is the law of sharing, should not encourage

laziness. A valid man does not have the right to depend on the work of others. Everyone

must rely on their own resources and skills to meet their needs. Everyone must be able to

contribute and share the fruits of their work with others.

2. Working, a most rewarding sentiment

Work enables man to play a role in society. The result of his work has a value

recognized by his fellows, which makes him feels useful. He becomes a player in the

economic and social life. He acquires a meaning in the eyes of others.

A man who works and produces does not bend to his neighbor to beg for alms. He is

taken into consideration by his fellows. The one who works can assume his

responsibilities in ensuring his survival and that of his family. And he gains esteem

around him when the work is done well.


Find the job that’s right for you, and you’ll be happy. Do not be fooled by work that is

exhausting and time-consuming. Do the work that you like and in which you can give the

best of yourself, totally invest intelligence and energy.

Put some love in your work. A job will be well done if conditioned by the love to do it. And

it will be blessed if it is done with the intention of helping the survival and the blossoming

of the family.

But there is not only work in life. After your work, organize recreation to give you

pleasure, recover strength, maintain your health. Work and leisure are both essential for

a good balance of life.