Making them laugh – By @cutemagicalstar

Marc lewis | January 30, 2019

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By Rachel Ogbaretin


Making them laugh

I’ve always been shy, I tend to twist my words and not really enjoy any attention being put on me for any amount of time. I think apart of me wanted to change some of this, hence why I decided to go to comedy school (plus it was free so why not). I didn’t think much of it, it would just be a good way to be more outspoken. I didn’t think i was very funny to begin with, especially when their much more outgoing people in the class that are much better storytellers than me. Before my second class of comedy school, I had a session with Alex Mecklenburg where she gave me tips on how to talk to a crowd, which I know i messed up because I trying me best not to pass out from not breathing during my bit.


But that all changed when I got my first laughs.


It was amazing, watching the crowd light up throughout my bit, it was infectious, I almost couldn’t finish my bit from smiling to much. It didn’t remove my shyness and anxiety to the situation and I felt i could have told it better but once I sat i felt a good buzz from it. I never knew how nice it was to make a group of people laugh and it made really thankful that the group I was in was really supportive. I didn’t want it to get to my head but it was also super nice when people came back to me during the break saying how they like my bits. It made me feel kinda fuzzy.  I’m weird with compliments, I’m not used to them and when someone gives me one I get super awkward with it since I have such bad impostor syndrome.


We were then given homework and I was slightly more motivated to come up with better material and improve my for next week. I decided to even look some of Pete’s old comedy sketches as form of inspiration and to quench my curiosity. I notice I was making lots of mental notes of my loves and hates throughout the week. When we had our third sessions I was a bit more prepared, which made it little more easier for me, plus I was still getting laughs, so i must be doing something good. I could never really think of myself as a comedian or anyone who really funny but it’s nice to know that some people can relate to some of experience too. I also have to it admit that also a great way to make fun of some of the shittier things about my life such as my sweet but my over controlling mother with an irrational fear of the Portuguese, something about taking that persona to its extreme is really cathartic to me.


I’m currently taking down notes for my next bit, digging through memories and making observation around my daily life to see if their anything I could say it about. I take at least 2 hours a week to watch some stand up and making notes on performances in order to improve just a little, because even though I might not make a career out of stand up, I still want to make those 16 people I meet on the Tuesday night laugh a little bit harder than last week.  


Because I really like making them laugh.