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The Dean bigadminjobs | January 1, 2018

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By Twyla Lidén




It’s vacation time. It’s also christmas assignment time.

No regrets. Do something on this list so you don’t regret this year.

I will do what I want in my free time.

I wanted to look through all my crap in my childhood bedroom that I’ll never throw out. Even though the scented candles I got 2012 might have lost their smell.

I wanted to watch series in the bed I’ve slept in for the past 18 years. I wanted to be with, but not talk to, my brother.

I wanted to remember that I, in fact, do not want to move home because I am a very adult person who can handle adult stuff and adult responsibilities etc.

I wanted to realize that sure, it’s selfish to leave, but it’s also important to be egotistical.

I wanted to laugh at the fact that my dad hates piercings and tattoos but didn’t notice my 3 new earrings and the fresh tattoo on my (very)large bicep.

I wanted to pretend that I was annoyed when my dear brother woke me up at 8am with the best dinosaur impression this world will ever see.

I wanted to have awkward meetings with high school acquaintances that remind me why I’m so happy I moved.

I wanted to know that I would still win a handstand contest against my brother, ANY DAY OF THE YEAR, NO MATTER HOW HUNGOVER.

I wanted to paint my grandmas toe-nails, now that she can’t.
I wanted to play fruit ninja on my moms iPad for 3 consecutive hours. I wanted to be reminded that this year has been anything but regrets.

I wanted to do all of these things during the limited time I have at home, and I did. They just happened and that’s why I love doing them. They weren’t on a list, they weren’t cool or new. They were just what I needed.