Let’s talk about positive things. By @charlenethblt

Marc lewis | October 1, 2018

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By Charlène Thibault


Let’s talk about positive things.

After several hours thinking about what I could write in this scab, I think I’m going to make it simple and not original: I’ll talk about my feelings about this third week.
After 3 weeks, the apprehension to be in front of everyone is still there.
A few years ago, when I was still playing piano, I was selected by my music school to play in front of a theatre of 1000 people. I had prepared myself a lot and I knew my song by heart but when I came on stage to play my piece of music, the stress took over and I had to play the song at least 3 times to finish it. It was the WORST day of my life, I wanted to cry my eyes out. The unfortunate part is that I often think about this moment, when people who were there, that night and who witnessed this disaster, shouldn’t even remember it two days later. That’s what I say to myself when I have to speak in front of everyone, and it helps.
Let’s talk about positive things.
It’s amazing how many things can be learned in such a short time. We have an incredible chance to attend masterclasses of mentors every day and learn from their experiences.
This week was very intense for my brain. Masterclasses, and brief every day. It changed me a lot of the 2 or 3 weeks I had for carry out an advertising campaign in my school last year. I realized how quickly, in a short time, we can get things done really well and how much quantity leads to quality. I always tend to think of visuals before thinking about the idea of ​​the concept, and the fact that there was no visual realization, only scamps to produce, helped me a lot this week.
The fact that the attainment are “anonymous”, except for the scamps that the mentor and Marc have selected, removes a lot of pressure. I think that, thanks to that, we feel freer and we dare to create even more original concepts.
I think that later, when I’ll be a retired Artistic Director, I would open a school similar to SCA in France. This way of working is so different from other schools, I really think that you can learn a lot, in a lot less time. It’s too bad that there isn’t more school like that.