Lessons from PB5/6 – By @james_reyn

The Dean bigadminjobs | February 25, 2017

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By James Reynolds



Lessons from PB5/6

We’re nearing the end of our half term break, before we enter the much hyped D&AD marathon month.

I don’t feel like i’m ready for it yet. But does anyone really? Everyone could be a little bit better with a little bit more time. But the time is now.

Before tackling the D&AD briefs I wanted to reflect on what I learnt from PB5/6.


Occasionally I caught myself trying to pluck ideas out of thin air. This is rarely gonna throw up an amazing idea and ultimately just stresses you out.

Marc told us from day one that ‘everything is a process’.

Remember to use the techniques we have been taught. Six Hat Thinking, The Four R’s, etc, etc.

Do them religiously. Multiple times a day. Every day. For every idea.


There was a massive rise in the quality of everyones work for PB5/6.

Our briefs ask for ‘a poster and another communication’. Teams seemed to shift their focus from posters, to a big idea which uses multiple channels with subsequent posters.

I put all my emphasis on a poster campaign idea first and foremost (this probably comes from my burning desire to master a visual analogy poster at some point soon).

Instead, I should be looking for the bigger, overall creative idea, and work out from that.


OK, this one is being masked as time management. But scrapping three or four days work and leaving craft to the last minute is not going to produce anything great.

The extension of this, is actually being ahead of the curve. Getting work done not just for the deadline, but well ahead of the deadline.

Seeing that some teams had stuck to their schedule and in turn had deadline day to work on other briefs (or go to the pub) while we were frantically trying to meet the deadline, rubs salt into the wounds. I don’t want to feel that again.