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Marc lewis | February 1, 2019

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By Tarun Chandy


Just Go With It  

It’s pretty late on a Thursday night and normally, this is the point in the week when our stress levels are at their maximum. But we’re powering through to the end of the week, just waiting for 3pm on Friday. That comforting moment when no matter how badly the PB has gone, it’s finally too late to do anything about it. Yet, tonight I find that this might be the first Thursday in a while at SCA where I haven’t felt like my whole world is out of control. And that’s not to say I haven’t been working late on my PB or that I won’t be up earlier than I normally care to be and back in the studio to finish this bitch. I am certainly yet to perfect the art of time management. It could potentially be that I’ve just gotten accustomed to this schedule we’re on, and no longer feel so emotionally impacted by the same weekly phases. But there’ve been a few other things this week that have made a difference for me, which are worth mentioning.


Firstly, I’ve actually started using my diary. I know it’s only been four days this week, but that’s more of a commitment than I’ve made to any positive habit since I was fourteen. And as a result, I’ve been spending my time far more productively, even if I don’t plan out every minute or keep every goal I set.


The second thing has probably been comedy school. Now, today was our third session. And I never discussed it so far because though I enjoyed the first two sessions substantially, I think I was too encapsulated in my desperate fear of public speaking to fully appreciate the entire experience. I pretty much just wanted to say what I came to say and then run for my life. But today I realized how valuable an experience it is to just crack jokes with the same people every week. To listen to their styles develop and see the best side of their personalities. I don’t know if I’d ever have the guts to be a stand up comedian, but I could see myself wanting to do comedy school every week for the rest of my life. You know, if it was free of course.


But the most important aspect that has made this week so incredible for me was the approach Rachel and I took to this PB. I have to give her credit because it was largely her influence that led us here. The proposition we chose was initially just a joke between the two of us that we never expected to take seriously. Yet, the more we said it, the funnier it felt and the more inclined we became to just go with it. From writing the script to videotaping the various stages, there wasn’t a single point where we weren’t laughing our asses off. This PB reminded me why I got into advertising in the first place. And I know that we might not be able to take this attitude to every brief we ever do. But, sometimes, when that crazy, idiotic, hilarious idea hits you, you’ve just got to with it.