Jennifer’s first SCAB – By @JOurselin

Marc lewis | August 26, 2018

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By Jennifer Ourselin


Jennifer’s first SCAB

During my childhood, my mother always gave me the desire to dream, to create to move forward in life. Although I am tall, I still have that desire and I would always have it, It’s part of me!

Very early in my life, I knew I wanted to work in creativity and I think it also comes from my parents. My father is not an architect but builds wooden houses on software by innovating everyday while keeping his style. And as for my mother, she spends her days finding antique objects to give them a boost.

When I was younger, I stole their camera all the time as soon as I had the opportunity to take pictures or videos of my family. Most of time, I made videos with my brother where we began to sing, to dance or to improvise shows.

At ease with staging ( « mise en scène » in french), It has always fascinated me, I feel like liberating myself. This is how my passion for cinema grew.

Besides, I don’t hide that I tried to do 3 SCAB(s) because I didn’t know what to write, as most beginners will tell you. But I finally managed to write what you read right now, and it’s the one that looks the most like me.

I was often criticized for being unrealistic when I said that I wanted to study in film. But I got there and I am here today. Admittedly, It was not necessarily an easy path for those who were not already in the field, but I wanted to believe it and I didn’t see anything else at all. Well I am not the famous poet Wes Anderson but I try to trace little by little my way to achieve my goal while keeping my own image.

I still remember my first internship at Canal +, which I was given the status of « Assistant Director of Photography ». I had to lead a whole team for a TV show that required a lot of preparation. Difficult to be credible when you are only 20 years old and you are facing all these men who had more than 10 years of experience and the of you dad… So It was a big challenge for me but It been very trainer, they brought me their experience and we exchanged a lot. I have benefited a lot, especially for my technical skills in term of light and image ! 

During a short advertisement in full broadcast, the director ordered us to change a light of the set to give a completely different atmosphere because the presenter improvised often. We had to deal with stress during these moments or we had only a few minutes before the recovery.  And It was not easy because the stress and me It’s two ! It makes me lose a lot of confidence in myself. During my baccalaureate exams, I made myself sick of taking my exams. I vomited to tell you ! Nice right !especially when there are severals tests to pass.

Since then, I have learned to meditate to manage my stress. I empty myself. I remember the goals that I achieved so far and I realized that I can better organize myself and my thoughts.

Although not obvious, my optimistic attitude also allowed me to succeed in everything I did. My last internship at BETC was therefore a very good school. The organization, the anticipation and the management of the stress were fundamentals vectors during this internship. I had to change my work schedule quickly because I was left with no choice. I had to prioritize the different projects that I was given and It was not easy at first. This allowed me to know how to manage several projects at the same time, to find my marks, and to confirm my desire to work in the field of creativity.

Today, I am about to enter this school to learn the Art Director profession. The opportunity to study at your school gives me the opportunity to be in contact with creative people who can share their knowledge and expertise with me.

Thank you for reading this !