Internet can help you to the creativity? By @JOurselin

Marc lewis | October 31, 2018

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By Jennifer Ourselin


Internet can help you to the creativity?

I think the Internet can be a source of inspiration to help us collect information, help inspire us on different projects we are working on, but be careful not to become more and more dependent if we ignore our own limitations.

It can only be a source of inspiration once you have your main idea or when you have ideas in progress. But I think it is only better to collect only as much information as possible than you can to develop your ideas because It would become more difficult to become more original and eventually It can break your own creativity.

Sometimes, It can help you to push your creativity more innovative. Like today’s movies where classic period films have been inspirational films for most of today’s great filmmakers deepening creative thinking. But be careful not to be too dependent. Explore more differents supports.

Reading and going out can help even more to develop your idea. Of course it’s good to be able to concentrate in a quiet room but for me that’s not enough of what is for me. When I only have a few hours to find an idea, I try to think about my well being so that It comes more naturally.

For others, stress can also be a trigger for thinking creative. Each in his own way to even conceive ideas.

So of course in some books of creativity, I find it interesting to know some approaches to better learn to be more creative but unfortunately it is learned it is only tips to seize to perform creativity. So it’s up to us to use them and seize them differently to be more efficient!

By the way, a week ago Marc gave us several briefs to train us on different techniques of creativity. For my part,  I opted to go out and to visit, to open me more about news .. It helps me more than staying close in my room of 10m2. Then when I get home, I write everything that goes through my head. In addition, I realized growing up that it was because of the look on me and the weight of judgment that I lost my creativity. I often became obsessed, worried about what people thought.What was losing my creativity and at the same time my spontaneity because as and when I wanted to try to match these criteria, often in order to please because I surely I needed to please to feel valued. But it can also be beneficial, because anything that is in us can come to the surface afterwards and develop our creative mind by expressing our emotions.

That’s why, I learned for a long time to let go ! And to know how to take small or big moments to create with complete freedom, without objective of results, just for the pleasure like to watch movies or series, to take a bath, to listen to music and to let me guide in my imagination …

So if you think that being creative there are different ways of being able to become, so yes absolutely ! because it took me a long time until now to understand that nobody will know what is best for you to become more creative.

And finally Internet is not necessarily the solution to solve your creative thinking. And I can see the difference between the start at SCA and now. I absolutely disconnect with internet and I found the creativity come more easier.

So sometimes It can be really useful,  but not necessarily enough. We would gradually lose our own personality and we would become a bit like everyone else if we tend to copy too much. The best is to do research to collect information that can be useful and use it intelligently so that it can help us to be more creative. One must only believe in oneself, in one’s own creativity, and not be afraid of failure.

Quantity leads quality so don’t be worry if the ideas don’t come immediately.

Be yourself and keep a positive attitude for everything.