I’M SORRY @ritarriera

jessica gough jessicagough | February 5, 2018

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By Rita Riera 


Today I just feel like apologizing. For everything, to everyone I’ve ever hurt. I’m sorry.
To the man on the tube I stared at with anger for no reason. To my childhood neighbour for pulling her hair because I thought that rubber was mine. It was yours. I’m sorry.
To the boy that spent all his money buying me a necklace for my birthday and I was too embarassed to ask for money from my parents so I just stole an expensive pen. I’m really sorry.
To that classmate I punched in the stomach when he gave me a rose because I still didn’t know what love felt like.
To that bodyguard I insulted for hours outside a club when they kicked me out for stealing a bottle of champagne.
To my grandad, because I should’ve spent more time with him when I could.
To me for sometimes being too harsh on myself.
To my mum and my dad, because It’s not fair to them that I can’t forget. I’m so sorry.
To anyone that has felt offended by my stupid sense of humour.
To that person I shouldn’t have walked away from.
To the guy I broke his heart. And to the guy who broke mine. I’m sorry.
To all those friends I should text more often. To those friends I’ve texted to ask a favour and the last time I talked to them was months ago.
To anyone I’ve made cry. To that person who is always there when my tears fall too often.
To the owner of the car I hit and then run away. I hope that light wasn’t expensive.
To my first kiss. I haven’t bitten again. I’m sorry.
To all the people I’ve worked with and have suffered my stubborness.
To my landlady for having a cat without telling her. I really hope you’re not reading this. But I’m sorry.
To anyone that has been worried about me and I pushed away. I appreciate it a lot.
To the childhood friend I walked away from because my parents didn’t like him. Now I’ve learned.
To Norwegian, for annoying them with my aerophobia and having doubts about certain planes. I do trust you.
To the school, for sometimes losing faith.
To the people I haven’t given enough love even though they’ve opened their hearts to me.
To the world, for sometimes being hopeless. I’m sorry.
To the owner of the restaurant I left without paying. I realised about it when I was already gone. I’m sorry for not coming back.
To that vet I lied saying my parents let me have that kitten. They didn’t , and they got really angry.
To my best friend from school, for seeming I care less than her.
To everyone that waited for me because I’m always late. Time flies when I’m doing my make-up.
To anyone I’ve held back. I should’ve let you go earlier.
To anyone I haven’t mentioned in this text and deserves an apology.
To you, for not saying sorry enough.