I’m not crying, there’s just something in my ad – By @charlesfare

Marc lewis | February 6, 2019

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By Charles Olafare


I’m not crying, there’s just something in my ad


It’s been about a month since we got back into the swing of things at SCA. With each brief you can really see people’s voices come to the forefront of their work. Watching other student’s tone and style start to take form is a pretty exciting experience. Seeing everyone’s case study videos at the end of the week jostles you into action and gives you something measure yourself against. Steel sharpening steel and rising tides.


One thing I’ve noticed, though, is that the room’s sort of split in two. There’s people who like their work err on the side of cheekiness and others that are making it their mission to put the world to rights.


It’s the classic dichotomy Marc has spoken about many time: when it comes to engaging an audience, you’ve either got to make ‘em laugh or cry. On the one side you’ve got an idea that could potentially get in the papers, piss off the right people and change the way the world works for the better.

On the other you’ve a piece of work that kids quote in playgrounds, does the rounds in pub quizzes and gets referenced in the opening monologue of some American talk show.


The grass is pretty green on both sides, really.


For now, I’m choosing laugh. It’s a natural fit. I like to tell jokes, I love to laugh, and I’m partial to a pint or two if you’re offering. It’s not so much that I don’t think the world needs changing. Any idiot could see that it’s in a pretty bad state as it stands right now. I’m just not sure that I’ve got a solution worth listening to.


I mean sure I’d like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company…but I feel like right now I might be better suited to giving the world a sly wink and something to laugh at. As well as the grace to figure everything else out on its own, rather than making big promises I’m in no position to keep.


Who knows, though? Maybe I’ll change my mind by the this time next week. That’s the beauty of SCA. We’ve all got the freedom to test, fail, try and change. It’s all a learning process.


Having said all that. I just saw the wackiest set of Superbowl ads for an American brand called MoonPie. Not to be confused with Mooncups, MoonPies are fluffy little cakey things and the agency behind (Tombras Group)this creative leaned into this as much as possible and got as weird as possible.



During one of the biggest events of the advertising calendar, a night where brands are falling over themselves to appear to be the most emotional, world changing or zeitgeist capturing. MoonPie and Tomgras Group set out to make ‘em laugh. In doing so, they did that other thing that we’ve been told to do: they zigged when others zagged.


This article on Muse by Clio sums it up best, so I’ll finish with a quote from it:


“[MoonPie] has understood something: We’re tired. We don’t want to […] pretend brands are something they aren’t, or argue about the political authenticity of that Handmaid’s Tale season 3 trailer. We’re tired of worrying about food we eat and the impending end of everything. And when every choice we make seems existential, we don’t want to be asked to choose whether we’re loyal to MoonPie or Pop Tarts. And that’s okay.”