We’ll help you to think visually, and come up with great ideas that use imagery to get your message across. There are classes on creative techniques, and different schools of thought that can help you to open your mind and reach better ideas. You’ll get help to make the most of your time, and will be guided to find your own processes and the best way to work. Everyone works differently.

We’ll also teach you to balance your visuals with copy, and show you how they should complement each other. We’ll inspire you with examples of amazing art direction, bringing in a raft of mentors, and scheduling master-classes to enrich your minds. One of which is our Thursday Culture Club, where we look at the work of some of the most inspiring people in the industry. They’ll show you what they’ve achieved, tell you how they did it, and give you an insight into their lives and roles. which you can learn from. and apply to your own journey.

You’ll also learn the art of layout. We will hammer home the grid, until everything you do is perfectly spaced, aligned, and looking beautiful. We’re strong believers that great work is 80% great idea, and 80% craft, so we’ll teach you both here at SCA.

Have you got what it takes?