How to Get a Job In Advertising

Our main focus at School of Communication Arts is to prepare students for great careers within the creative communications industry as copywriters or art directors, and then to support them through their careers.  The learning model is heavily engineered towards simulating the work environment and our course includes approximately 6-months of industry placements.

We work very closely with every student to make sure they go on placement to agencies that are a good cultural fit and we coach students on how to convert placements into jobs.

Whatever career you want to have, regardless of industry, we believe that there are three dimensions that drive success;

Be a good person –  People buy people.  We try our hardest to select students that we want to spend time with because we believe that our network of agencies will want to spend time with them too.  We invest time in teaching skills that help our students to show confidence, energy, intelligence and strategic thinking because we think that this makes them even more attractive to agencies.

Prove you are capable –  In our industry, we show that we are capable by creating a strong portfolio.  Whilst we enjoy winning far more than our fair share of awards, we take the most pride in the feedback that is bestowed on our students’ portfolios.  By any measure, School of Communication Arts is the leading Portfolio School in europe.

Your network –  We have a saying at the school, ‘It’s not just who you know, it’s what you know about who you know.’ We have a tremendous network of over 700 industry professionals and about half a dozen visit the school each day.  We train our students to engage with these mentors, to follow-up by visiting them in their agencies, sending thank-you cards and occasional updates,  socialising with them at industry events and volunteering to help on projects.


It will come as no surprise that the industry say such fantastic things about our students, or that our alumni are embedded within so many leading agencies.

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