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Marc lewis | October 3, 2018

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By Jennifer Ourselin


Having an idea

Indeed, creativity is not only an exclusivity of artists, writers or great entrepreneurs, it also offers us all the opportunity to innovate on all facets of our lives. It’s been two weeks now since we’ve been working on briefs to expand our creative abilities and I’ve discovered that we can be more creative that what we are than we are while properly training our brains to be better every time.

Indeed, I’ve observed these last weeks that we’ve different ways to help ideas to flow easier.

Don’t think about the end result but about the process of bringing to life an idea that will give freedom to our mind to express alternatives and develop the idea more freely. And the process that needs our full attention because the result itself is the consequence of the creative process.

Forget the critics. Criticism and self-criticism do not let me think clearly unless it is constructive criticism. And I’m losing too much energy because of that. At least I try to be compassionate to myself because I am often unsatisfied. Maybe because I’m too perfectionist. However, step by step I am trying to work on myself in order to regain confidence and to be free to create.

I’ll be wrong many times, but I’ll get something just by letting myself go.

“To be creative, do not be afraid of failure. You have to be willing to make mistakes and face risks. “

To relax !! Although stress is stimulating sometimes. When it comes to creating, we all need tranquility and stress is one of the main enemies of creativity that can then give you a blockage for the future.

A week ago on my first day of briefing. I was completely stressed because I just could not think. And that’s why I changed my attitude the following days. And indeed I could see the result.

The most important thing is to be in a space where you feel comfortable to work as you wish. Thus, sport can be a good resolution to remove stress. A good way to meditate as it helps us to relax physically and mentally, and also facilitates the creative process.

Save ideas. Be curious, cultivate yourself because creativity is everywhere around you in your daily life. And do not hesitate to write down ideas on a notebook because giving life to an idea can take time, and sometimes the idea comes up at an inconvenient time.

Reading because reading helps me stimulate the brain. And she creates new connections. although I do not have the patience to read, I try to take the time to read newspapers, magazines or other in my spare time.

Dare to get out of your comfort zone. Although it was not easy at first. The problem is that I tried to imagine new ideas without leaving my comfort zone which limited my options. And what I’ve learned is that big ideas do not include limits. They are used to asking value and courage to go further.

Quantity leads quality. Indeed, having a lot of ideas does not mean having a lot of good ideas. Being more creative and having a lot of ideas does not necessarily mean that all ideas are really good or useful. A copywriter must write a lot before reaching a really good result. It is the same for a writer, a painter, or a composer. It is the one who works the most his ideas. It’s as simple as that. No doubt some of them require more work than others, but in the end the only one that will get something really good will be the one willing to fail a lot.

And there are many others … But a fifteen briefs are waiting for me so I gonna to bed! Thank you for having take the patience to read this SCAB. And now I am between excitement and apprehension for the next weeks because I have never learned as much about myself as the past two weeks … Everything goes too fast but I love it!