Marc lewis | July 3, 2018

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By JOHN – The SCA Intake of 2017/18




Sara: You absolute beauties. You’re both so well equipped to take the industry by storm, and I can’t wait to see what work you make. Come back to give us a book crit?


Henry: Nobody else deserved it as much as you two. Godspeed. Remember where you came from: Greatvine.


Ben: Think of us when you’re high flying and taking big shits, reading books, washing your hands in the shower, at theme parks, brushing your teeth, combing your hair, listening to the soft pitter patter of rain on the window, looking at images of koala bears on Google in the early hours of the morning, deciding what yoghurt to buy in Saino’s even though you know you are going to buy the one that is on special offer, drinking pints, sneezing, using your feet (which should be all the time), marvelling at how they manufacture chocolate eclairs so efficient and consistently, or wondering why the did do a reboot series of the hit TV show ‘Heroes’ even though no one wanted an exact replica.


Becky: Denken Sie an uns, wenn Sie hochfliegen und große Scheiße nehmen, Bücher lesen, sich die Hände unter der Dusche waschen, in Themenparks putzen, Zähne putzen, sich die Haare kämmen, dem zittrigen Geplapper des Regens am Fenster lauschen und es anschauen Bilder von Koalabären auf Google in den frühen Morgenstunden, entscheiden, welchen Joghurt in Saino zu kaufen, obwohl Sie wissen, dass Sie kaufen die, die auf Sonderangebot ist, trinken Pints, Niesen, mit Ihren Füßen (was sein sollte die ganze Zeit), wundern sich darüber, wie sie Schokoladen-Eclairs so effizient und konsistent herstellen, oder sich wundern, warum die Reboot-Serie der TV-Erfolgsserie ‘Heroes’ gedreht wurde, obwohl niemand eine exakte Replik wollte.


Helena: Good luck guys!!! Do make sure you know the name of the guy you work for before you go in


Meg: The epitome of hard work beats talent – go bitch slap the industry you crazy cats! 😉 xx


Holly: So proud of you guys. You’ll be brilliant. Please buy me a pint if I’m still unemployed when you next see me and you are rolling in sweet sweet monies.


Dan: Good work homies. Nobody deserved it as much as you. Good luck out there. You’ll knock them dead.


Nick: Me and Joe would like to say best of luck and very well deserved indeed. Enjoy the gold Bentley.


Rita: Any agency that can have you both is very lucky. Couldn’t be more proud!


Christian: I am so Happy for both of you, you worked hard and paid off. Don’t forget to stay in touch!


Poppy: Breaking SCA hire records… you go Glen Coco!


Pietro: don’t forget to feed your pet.


Philly: Smash it! Go team MEM


Phil: Undisputed, unbreakable, understated, champs. Fair play. Fly my pretties.


Rory: I know you guys will do amazing things. Thanks Jembo for all your help and guidance. Thanks Martin for telling Jem that I was handsome, big help.


Josh: shit I’m late, hope it’s not sent. You guys pop like the tarts except more. Great attitudes we can all only aspire to. Can’t  wait to see the mad shit you guys give birth to. Holla holla, we dem boys. Skrrrrt. Peace and love.


Ads: Would love to say good luck but it isn’t luck that’s brought you where you are now. You’ve made it happen with hard work. So keep going. You’ll do amazing. xoxo


Susie: Arghhhhh!!! I hope your first day went well. You’re both gonna smash it. Excited for you to be starting out at such a sick agency. Hard work beats talent but you are both also super talented. (I hope your crying really really hard now Jem. And you to Martin! Heheh) Much love xo


Rachel: Hope your first day went great guys. Still waiting for you to get your hard work beats talent tattoo Martin. Don’t let the imposters come to your mind, stay focused like you always have been & just enjoy every minute! I’m excited to see where the journey goes! Ps… record the next time you rap pls, okay,  thanks, bye!




Gary: Best examples of HWBT. Well done. Go get them now.


Jonothan: I think it was Jesus that said: “Those who work the hardest and never miss a beat will nail it ‘n’ that. They should be congratulated.”