Good bye Sup de Pub… – By @JOurselin

Marc lewis | December 13, 2018

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By Jennifer Ourselin


Good bye Sup de Pub…

What to say in this SCAB … a lot of things happened in a short time here in these 12 weeks.

When I read the last SCAB of my French comrades, I realized that we are closing in on the end of our time together. And that makes me so nostalgic !

I never thought about getting so familiar with this school so quickly, and that would unfold. Today we’re all a bit like family because we started together with the same objectives the same fears. It was a new and incredible experience for all of us in this school because we all supported each other. And I will never thank my classmates enough for helping me to gain more self-confidence. To help me in the most stressful moments of this term. Just like the brief that was decisive for my place here at SCA.

If I had been told two years ago that I will join a school in London I would never have believed because I am hard enough with myself and although I like to give me goals with challenge. It was a fight for me the language barrier because until today I did not trust myself to really give speaking English a ‘proper go’.

But now I can finally say that I am proud not to have to give up and to have reached the end of my objectives. Proud to have shown what I was capable of and that I could potentially have my place here. Proud to have overcome the complexities of this language, since I wrote and made my presentation alone.

So now I can say I am a SCA student and It’s not my last SCAB anymore.

Moreover, I also want to thank Joseph, Forrest, Lucy, Charles and so many others who supported me… I have also discovered beautiful people here and I look forward to continue with them soon.

And as for French friends, I wish them happiness and success in their professional lives because they deserve it all !!

Today this is the first time that I write a short SCAB because I don’t stop rethinking all the memories passed here and It remains difficult to describe them… I think that in all my school life there will be only this school that will have marked me while it is only a beginning of way for me…

I look forward to seeing what is waiting for me next time, to be able to surpass myself in order to reach my main goal.