Go With Your Gut – By @lucyannp_

Amy Cranston | July 15, 2019

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By Lucy Pennock


Go With Your Gut



Last SCAB ever. 


Jesus how time flies. 


On Wednesday we had our sponsor’s portfolio day. It was exciting but more importantly testing! 


Sitting at a desk for 8 hours listening to people’s feedback who you also want to desperately impress is exhausting. Do I listen to Mr Nice Man with the American accent or Mr Straight Talking To The Point kinda guy that hates most of our work but we really want a placement there?


Decisions. Decisions. That’s the issue! 


In between crits I did a bit of reflecting about the past 10 months at SCA. I soon quickly realised there were quite a few things I’d do differently if past Lucy was retaking the course. 


So here are my top 4 tips to future students. 


  1. Know what work you want to make. For me, I was unsure about this. It took me a while to figure out my tastes but the sooner you do the better. You can hone your tone of voice quicker and pinpoint agencies who create the same sort of work far easier. It’s sort of a weird question? ‘What work do you want to make?’ But think of it as a story. Are you a romantic, tear-jerking novel that moves you emotionally? An informative, insightful non-fiction book that blows your brain with cool facts no one else knew? A funny, witty autobiography that has you laughing with every turn of the page? Look at a ton of work and write down the ones that get you most excited. That’s probably the style of the work you’ll book will end up like. 
  2. Don’t be afraid of commitment. Partner up as soon as you can! I had a weird gut feeling that I wanted to work with Lauren since the day she ate a cheeseburger in one bite and we chatted about star signs. For some reason, we didn’t partner up till gone D&AD but that’s OK. Maybe if we’d partnered sooner we would have fallen out and broken up or maybe we would have had more time to craft an even more banging book and get placements straightaway. Who knows? You don’t. So if you like someone, you work well together and you admire them as a creative and as a person then just tie the knot as early as possible. The more time you have together during school as a partnership the more likely you’re gonna kill it at portfolio day. 
  3. Fake it till you make it. Believing in yourself can be hard. If you lack self-confidence and have a hard time trusting your own brain, chances are you’re like me. For the students who are horribly, anxiety-ridden and putting themselves down my advice would simply be to say “F**K you” to your inner critic. Confidence is attractive. People hire people, not robots. Stand your ground, know your own mind and just fake it till you make it. The more you act confident and upbeat the more likely you’ll become that. Don’t put yourself down, you don’t need that. Mean people in this industry will happily do that for you. Be nice to yourself. And yourself will be nice back to you!
  4. Go on as many book crits as feasibly possible. Lauren and I still don’t have a placement and I personally think it’s not because we’re shit. (Feel free to call me up on that.) But because we didn’t reach out to enough agencies during Term 2 and Term 3. It doesn’t matter if your book is shit. Just meet people. It’s all about building relationships and forming connections with agencies. Think of it like dating. The more dates you go on, the more likely you’re going to end up together. So flirt, court those agencies and those placements should fall into place. 


Last but not least, and probably my most important advice would be to GO WITH YOUR GUT. You know your own mind better than anybody else. Believe in yourself and those black pencils will come rolling in.