Whilst SCA may seem like a lot of money, we could double our costs and still be better value than traditional universities, here’s why we keep our price low.


We believe that creativity demands diversity, we want to choose our students based on the very best talent, not on what money they have in the bank. The School of Communication Arts is a social enterprise, co-owned and supported by over 100 agencies. The generosity of our industry allows us to keep our fees relatively low and helps us to provide scholarships. Go to our scholarships page to find out more about these.


Unfortunately, being an independent portfolio school means our students are not eligible for Student Finance England, however, there are other options.


The lovely people at National Careers Service will try to help you apply for grants and charitable donations.  You can call them on 0800 100 900.  Let them know that SCA receives no government funding.  This might make your application more attractive to some grant providers.

You should also turn to the Turn2Us website and read-up as much as you can about sources of funding.


JWT have launched a scholarship for women to apply to! Check it out here.


The Blackheart Foundation are able to offer partial scholarships too, as one student proved, this is certainly something to look into.


Alternatively, you could look at setting up a crowdfunding site for students, some of our students have managed to raise a percentage of fees required by offering skills/services, take a look here.


The school is sometimes able to offer London Living Bursaries, once your place is secured get in touch with the team to see if you are able to apply for this.


Finally, for some of you, there will be no fees at all! We launch a scholarship competition every year around Easter, to find out about it click through to our scholarship page and follow @SCA2_0. We announce our winners in mid-July and encourage everyone keen to come to SCA to apply for this as many times as they like.

Have you got what it takes?