Feeling this good stress – By @JOurselin

Marc lewis | September 6, 2018

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By Jennifer Ourselin


 Feeling this good stress


Only 5 days before school the pressure is rising more and more …

Although I am prepared, it is not easy to set goals especially when we are still in the mood of the holidays.

Moreover, It was a special summer for me because I had the birth of a little sister Lola who was 7 weeks yesterday. And yes indeed It makes a lot of difference in age but what happiness!


I try to organize myself with several goals in sight but in the end I push back, push back until I’m overwhelmed at last moment.

Inevitably, the stress arrives little by little… Although it is not easy to manage, I like feeling of stress and pressure. It allows me to be more insightful in my work. First of all, I have no choice but to do the right it, giving the best of myself. Besides, it’s quite interesting to know if it’s better to work on a project in the long term or in the short term. Although for some, It is obvious to work in the long term. Certainly, we have more time in terms of preparation, more time to think, persevere the idea and organize everything. But sometimes, I find that it accelerates our method, our way of going about things, and thus better organizing our ideas because we know we do not have a lot of time. Moreover, it makes it possible to finish our objective because we see the end whereas in the long term we have more this impression to have time to the infinity until where it becomes even more stressful when the moment arrives! Besides, I will be also curious to know how students are working on their method of work today.


In addition, I have an anecdote about this subject. In my last year of license in audiovisual production, I had to make a thesis. In parallel, I had to manage my internship then the exams more or less at the same time as the rendering of my thesis. So I had 6 months to write it. In addition, we had a director of essay to give us directives so that we are more organized in our planning. So we did not have an excuse to make it on time. I started very early for the general idea and plan. Then after nothing until a month and a half before … I thought I had time to do it after my exams. Then, I delayed it until the date was approaching. But I felt good, no necessarily stress. And from the moment I started writing, I focused on my goal because I had no choice, I had only four weeks to make it.

I made a schedule to go to the library (Usually, you should know that I do not usually go there!). Every day I gave myself eight hours to do each part. And one hour of entertainment ahah. I had a little pressure on the moment because it was a lot on the spot but it was good stress because I was so passionate about what I wrote.


So while respecting my schedule I managed to make the work without necessarily botch that thesis. It was not easy because I had to respect my eight hours of workeach day. Otherwise I easily took of the delay but what motivated me was that I did not have much time and so I who is very perfectionist that allowed me to focus on this thesis while respecting the planning. Well it was not easy either because I felt obliged to put me in airplane mode on my phone due to my ability to be dispelled. You must also know that there was a festival right next to my house that was at the same time and that I had given myself only one hour with my friends before taking up the taff ! But I managed to make it in time after having read and corrected it. I was so proud that it gave me a lot of motivation for the future because I also proved myself!


So, I will inevitably change my habits to the school. Although I do not necessarily have the habit of creating a planning, I was very happy to did it while I wrote my thesis. And although, I put myself at the last moment it allowed me to be more insightful in time. The pressure was also the trigger for the advance of my thesis. But today, by changing some methods of work, It will be more easy to manage different projects.


As I write this, I drink my little glass of rosé with my family. And I still can not realize that in less than a week, I’m going back to school again ..I almost lost the habit but at the same time excited to make my back to school!


Thank you for taking the patience to have read this small SCAB. I wanted to share my feelings on this subject.


See you soon…