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The Dean bigadminjobs | August 23, 2014

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School of Communication Arts is a social enterprise, supported by over 100 agencies.  Some agencies donate money to fund scholarships.  Some donate time, by sending their staff down to the school to mentor in our studio.  Some do both, and much more.  The result is that about a third of our 36 students benefit from industry funded scholarships, and we have a network of over 700 teachers.  On a typical day (if there is such a thing at SCA!) about half a dozen industry professionals visit our studio to mentor our students.

The curriculum is delivered through a sequence of briefs.   Students work on about fifty briefs during their time in the studio (September to July).  Many of these are live briefs.

After a year of hard work, our students are ready for employment, they have a great portfolio and an enviable network of industry professionals.  Instead of a dissertation, we end the year with an event called Portfolio Day, where we invite our network of agencies to come and see our students’ work and make job or placement offers.  Almost all students get about six months of placements from Portfolio Day, except those who go straight into employment.  About 80% of our students get a job at a Top 100 agency within six months of completing the course.