Collecting the unknown

The Dean bigadminjobs | October 13, 2014

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Søren Birk






By @Goodworkmyboy


To feed my brain with new and hopefully useful information I went to some exhibitions during the last couple of weeks. When I went there I didn’t know what to look for, nonetheless I still had high expectations as going to an “exhibition”. After wandering around for a couple of hours, I left, a bit disappointed as I couldn’t put a finger on something new or interesting. But on my way home I started to reflect about the possibility of being inspired out of every situation. My next thought was why going to an exhibition when I pertinently know my deeper interest in people and in observing their behaviors.


Later on I decided to approach differently the next exhibition. I tried to be more relaxed and open minded to any stimulus. A couple of beers were of great helped as I headed to next exhibition ready to discover whatever was on my way. Straight away I couldn’t see the difference but later I discovered that I was a bit more unfocused and disturbed of other thoughts than without beers.


Another night as I was coming back from the pub on my way home I passed by two workers who were painting some white stripes and arrows on the street. I first observed them from distance before getting closer and finally talking to them as I found the scene intriguing. There was definitely something there. Something I never had experienced before. I will say that it was a perfect dot just because I didn’t prepared my mind for it.


I reckon that I find more inspiration in new experiences even the most trivial ones. In other words I need to keep on my mantra about saying yes to every experience.


The more you experience the bigger the chance will be to find new inspiration.