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Marc lewis | March 8, 2019

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By Jemma Burgess



Celebrating Failure

Everyone wants to succeed. To show their work to the room and for it to be great. To get more than a grunt and a ‘good job’ form Marc during their presentation. We push and we push not thinking that it’s good enough and whilst that thought is extremely valuable, I learnt last week that sometimes you have it. You’ve got the idea but because you are so worried that it might not be good enough or that you might fail, you change it. And then you change it again and again and fuck it let’s change it one more time. Suddenly your original message has got lost and you end up running out of time to create anything great let alone something that you’re truly proud of. This Is really hard to process. It feeds your insecurities, whispering to your self-belief that maybe you were right after all. You’re not good enough and then the cycle begins.

Failure isn’t something to be feared though. It should be welcomed. It is one of the main things and most important things that make you great. Ask anyone you admire and I guarantee, nearly everyone will tell you that without it, they wouldn’t be where they are today.

To celebrate failures, I want to give you a few examples of some failed men and women that you might know.

JK Rowling – J. K Rowling has a massive speech on the benefits of failure If you want to dive deep into it but to shorten,  Harry Potter was rejected 12 times by publishers before it became one of the best known children’s books in the history of time.  This was after her marriage had failed completely. Personal failures are just as important to grow as a person just as much as career failures.

Walt Disney – Walt Disney first failed at joining the army before bankrupting one of his first ventures Laugh- O – gram studios, due to his failure to run a successful business. He then got fired from a Missoum newspaper because he wasn’t creative enough.

Michael  Jordan – Despite being one of the most famous basketball players ever, Michael Jordan has missed more than 9000 shots in his career, lost almost 300 games. Missed 26 winning shots. He repeatedly says that he has failed over and over again but that is why he succeeds.

Colonel Harland David Sanders – Big boy KFC Legend didn’t sell his secret recipe which made him a millionaire until he was 62. Before this, Sanders failed in becoming a lawyer and salesmen.  What’s more, is that he reportedly failed over 1,000 times to sell his chicken recipe and it wasn’t until his 1,010th time that he got someone to bite. And now he has mini fledgeling creatives begging for a chance to advertise for KFC.

You need to fail in order to learn. In order to improve. ‘ Failure really is just success in progress. If you rather not fail then you will probably never succeed.  – Albert Einstein.



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