BEFORE THE BIG BANG – By @ritarriera

The Dean bigadminjobs | July 23, 2017

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By Rita Riera Pastallé




I’m sure you’ve heard of the Big Bang and how it unleashed a series of circumstances that eventually generated the Universe we know today. Basically, there was a system that, after a small and unknown alteration, became unstable and generated an immense explosion. This explosion created all the dimensions: those we know and those we don’t know.


This means that nothing existed before the Big Bang, but potentially everything was there, including us, condensed in a single subatomic spot.


Now we live in a Universe that continues to expand and accelerate, but if we look back, very far back, we only see that single point of infinite density and gravity which for some reason became unstable. When unbalanced, it generated a Universe of matter, the one that allows you to be reading this right now.


Where am I going with this? I think that right now, all of us, the 2017 SCA intake, are like that point of infinite density with the potential of what we can become encapsulated, about to explode.


This moment before the big explosion has some special attributes:


  • By creating all dimensions, including time, we live in a state where rush does not yet exist. We’ll create our time when we cross SCA’s doors. The clock will start running and from that very first day we’ll never be able to stop it again.


  • Before the Big Bang is a moment of maximum entropy: everything is condensed in one point and there is no room for order. Essentially our ideas and ourselves are stable without any structure, but have great potential. Probably this is the reason why each one of us are at SCA. We have a lot to give, but we need to learn how to deal with it.


  • For the Big Bang to happen we need something to destabilise our system, to get us out of our comfort zones. When that happens and we finally explode, we’re going to start expanding, creating and growing, every second faster than the second before. Just like the Universe we live in: it keeps on accelerating.


  • Once the Universe is created and begins to expand, matter is grouped into galaxies, clusters and systems. We must learn to ration and organise our ideas, since they generate an entire new Universe that is senseless without a certain amount of order.



In Physics there are situations called singularities, which can’t be explained by the rules of nature that we understand. Singularities that break these rules are something that we’ll need at SCA. Organising, understanding, creating and structuring is essential. But the magic of disorder is what brings the beautiful touch of chaos that every world needs.


Our Big Bang is getting closer. I can’t wait to discover everyone’s new Universe, how they expand and how they never reach an end.