Award Winning Student Campaigns



Above are some examples of award-winning advertising campaigns, including winning entries to D&AD and Cannes. You can see even more examples of our students’ work by looking through their portfolios.

Award Winning Advertising Campaigns

D&AD New Blood winners in 2016:

  • White Pencil for Matt Kennedy and Laurens Granger – Amnesty International
  • Yellow Pencil for Katy Edelsten, Alicia Cliffe, Owen Hunter-Jenkins, and Ethan Bennett for WWF
  • Yellow Pencil for Nick Kugge and Dennis Engel for TOMS


  • White, Black and Yellow Pencils for Greg Ormrod and Thomas Worthington – Nationwide
  • White Pencil for Teddy Souter, Frazer Price and John Trainor for WWF
  • Yellow Pencil for Joel Buckley for AirBnB
  • Yellow Pencil for Mads Alexander Nielson and Charlie Parker-Bonnett for WWF
  • Yellow Pencil for Alex Mawby and Ben Lambert for WWF
  • Yellow Pencil for Rob Sanderson, Dounia Sitayeb and Olivier Palle for Nationwide

Since opening in 2010, our students have also won a shelf-load of Chip Shop Awards, CREAM, BIMA and loads of others. We turn out more Award Winning Advertising Campaigns than any other ad school!

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