Art Directors

Are you ready to launch yourself into a top advertising career as an art director?

The School of Communication Arts is the world’s most awarded ad school, so there’s no better place to learn how to produce great work. On our Art Director course you’ll have access to the best mentors, industry connections, and education, and will leave SCA ready to take on adland.

At SCA, we don’t just help you become art directors and copywriters – we shape you into amazing, industry leading art directors and copywriters. And, that takes teamwork.

Our belief is that by combining art direction and copywriting into one course you’ll get a better understanding of where you want to take your career, and will find working in a partnership much easier. We simulate a workplace environment, so that you’ll leave SCA confident working with a partner on briefs.

Integrated Classes

All of our classes and workshops are attended by copywriters and art directors, so you’re integrated from day one. This means art directors make friends with words, and copywriters feel at home with visuals. When working on a brief as a team, it makes coming up with the winning idea a little easier, as both of you can contribute to the other’s discipline.

We see students come to the school who already know they want to be an Art Director, and some who realise it’s what they want to do after they’ve arrived and tried it out for a while. If you do decide that Art Direction is for you, there’s plenty to learn at SCA.

What you’ll learn

We’ll help you to think visually, and come up with great ideas that use imagery to get your message across. There are classes on creative techniques, and different schools of thought that can help you to open your mind and reach better ideas. You’ll get help to make the most of your time, and will be guided to find your own processes and the best way to work. Everyone works differently.

We’ll also teach you to balance your visuals with copy, and show you how they should complement each other. We’ll inspire you with examples of amazing art direction, bringing in a raft of mentors, and scheduling master-classes to enrich your minds. One of which is our Thursday Culture Club, where we meet some of the most inspiring people in the industry and look at their latest work. They’ll show you what they’ve achieved, tell you how they did it, and give you an insight into their lives and roles, which you can learn from, and apply to your own journey.

You’ll also learn the art of layout. We will hammer home the grid, until everything you do is perfectly spaced, aligned, and looking beautiful. We’re strong believers that great work is 80% great idea, and 80% craft, so we’ll teach you both here at SCA.


SCA exposes you to a huge network of industry-leading guest mentors. You’ll interact with over 1,000 in the time you spend here, including big names like Dave Trott, Rory Sutherland, and Sir John Hegarty. Not only that, you’ll have the support of our multi-award winning team of regular mentors, who will always be about to guide you in the right direction. Get to know some of them below.


Mike Nicholson

Mike brings almost 22 years of experience from the world of digital, design and advertising.

Previously he was the Executive Creative Director at Brave, The&Partnership Canada and Toaster (Google Creative Lab’s partner). Mike has worked with some great creative agencies including AMV BBDO, Wieden + Kennedy and Adam and Eve DDB.

Mike was named the number 1 English Creative in The GUNN Report 2009. His industry accolades include being recognised over 130 times at all the usual award shows including D&AD pencils in ten different categories.


Ian Hands

Ian is our head of craft. He knows his way round a mac better than anyone, and is always about to teach you a new skill, or help you to brush up on old ones. In fact, there’s not much he hasn’t turned his hand to. From typography, to art, to animation, to 3D design, there’s always something new to learn from Ian and his experience in the industry.

Rob Binfield

Rob is our art direction mentor, although that’s not all he does. He started his creative career early, taking a place at art school when he was just 16. Throughout his life he’s dabbled in art, advertising, music, and more. He now owns his own creative agency, and is most often found with a sharpie in his hand and a stack of scamps on his desk. He’ll have you doing the same in no time.

Alexandra Taylor

Alexandra has so many mentions in the D&AD annual it’s hard to know which to talk about first. She’s mastered layout, and made her career making the most innovative print about, amongst other things. Alexandra makes art direction look easy, and her masterclasses give you a few rules to make it easier for you too. It’s possible to make even the worst concept look great with a bit of her help, so imagine what you can do with a great concept.

Paul Brazier

Heading up the biggest creative floor in the UK at AMV, Paul’s masterclasses give invaluable insight into the way the industry works, as well as helpful hints and tips into how to make great TV. Not only will he tell you all of his secrets to making amazing ads, but he’ll share his experiences, and inspire you with the heaps of world changing ads he’s created.

Paul Belford

Paul started his career as a biochemist, but soon found his way in art direction. He made his way up the ranks at agencies like TBWA, Ogilvy, and AMV, before starting his own agency. He now makes some of the most beautiful ads around. He’ll make you sick with jealousy at his talent, and then help you to be as good as him.


Our art directors and copywriters all work together, so you’ll get to meet some great copywriting mentors too – head over to our copywriting page to see some more of the people you’ll be working with.


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